Following a period of financial difficulty, the Aquarium was taken over in August 2004 by two former
employees :

- Nathalie LEMAITRE is officially qualified in animal care for tropical fish, and before taking over the Aquarium she had worked as part of the team for 4 years.
- Cédric FEROTIN had formerly been the head breeder and activity leader at the Aquarium for 6 years.

Since 2004, the Aquarium has changed name and status. It is now managed as a limited company and has been renamed ‘Aquarium des Tropiques’.


We took over the helm of the Aquarium to convey our passion for the aquatic environment.  
We have therefore fitted out the exhibition space with a lot of new installations to turn the Aquarium into a playful and educational visit, that can be enjoyed as a group or family, with the overall aim of raising public awareness of the vulnerable state of these ecosystems, and the role that each individual can play in helping towards their preservation.