There are numerous endangered fish species across the world. Here at Aquarium des Tropiques we feel deeply concerned about this issue, and therefore we are involved in a number of conservation programmes designed to safeguard endangered freshwater species, with the aim of raising public awareness of the major threats hanging over certain fish.

We work in partnership with the Association Haplochromis to keep and breed a number of cichlid species from Lake Victoria. This vast African lake is currently facing serious ecological problems. Aquarium des Tropiques is committed to giving the public up-to-date information on the threat status of cichlid fish, such as the introduction of Nile perch and environmental pollution …


We are also actively involved in protecting fish from the Goodeidae family. This nature preservation programme is led in partnership with the Association France Vivipare, a French association specialized in livebearer species, which itself is involved in the "Fish Ark" project. Many species belonging to this family of fish are becoming extinct (or have already become so), mainly because their natural environments are drying up.

In addition, we take in red-eared terrapins (which so far have been introduced in their thousands into most European rivers and streams) to help curtail the extinction of the European pond terrapin. In fact, introducing any animal (or plant) species into an area that is not its native habitat could irreversibly disrupt the natural balance of the whole ecosystem.